Wednesday, October 8, 2008

da latest...

Sony Ericsson today announced the new 8.1 megapixel
Cyber-shot™ 905 phone will come preloaded with Mobile Commerce’s innovative
‘NearMe’ application - so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for
right around you. Mobile Commerce is the UK’s leading provider of location-based
services (LBS) and mobile content integration, and ‘NearMe’ will also be
available to download onto the GPS enabled C702 Cyber-shot and W760 Walkman®
'NearMe’ is a local search service that provides users with
detailed information on local businesses, amenities, venues and events, all
based on current location using the GPS capabilities of the user’s handset.The
application, which is provided free to the user by Sony Ericsson, includes UK
wide content such as cinema, club and gig listings; over 11,000 recommended
venues for eating and drinking in; as well as over 1.9 million business search
listings and fully optimised Multimap mapping - all of which is enhanced on an
ongoing basis so the information is always up to the minute. Full addresses and
phone numbers are also included with each recommendation and listing so you’re
never without the info you need.Users can also select locations from pre-stored
favourites or search for any location in the UK. Basic information provided
includes, name, address and phone number and, where relevant, more detailed
information such as film reviews, costs and show times. Finally, once you know
where you want to go, there is even a map to show you where it is.

ini laptop...

ini disket...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

cinta vs suka...

Di hadapan orang yang kita cinta, hati kita akan berdegup kencang.
Tapi di depan orang yang kita suka, hati kita akan gembira.

Di depan orang yang kita cinta, musim sentiasa berbunga-bunga.
Di depan orang yang kita suka, musim itu cuma berangin sahaja.

"Jikalau kita lihat di dalam mata orang yang kita cinta, kita akan kaku.
Jikalau kita melihat mata orang yang kita suka, kita akan tersenyum."

"Di depan orang yang kita cinta, lidah kelu untuk berkata-kata.
Di depan orang yang kita suka, lidah bebas berkata apa sahaja."

"Di depan orang yang kita cinta, kita menjadi malu.
Di depan orang yang kita suka, kita akan tunjukkan imej yang sebenar. "

"Kita tidak boleh merenung mata orang yang kita cinta.
Tapi kita selalu merenung mata orang yang kita suka."

" Bila orang yang kita cinta menangis, kita akan turut menangis.
Bila orang yang kita suka menangis, kita akan membuat dia gembira."

"Perasaan cinta bermula dari kata.
Perasaan suka bermula dari telinga. "

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hohoho adeq'z fmily...!!